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CAWBG 690 Black Grey Leaves Hazy


Red swirls on a black background. Anthology Batik

Premium Hand dyed 100% cotton Batik Fabric 110 -115 cm.

Purchase 1 unit and receive a 50 x 55 c m Fat Quarter 

2 units = Half Meter

3 units = .75 c m

4 units = 1 meter

5 units = 1.25 c m

6 units = 1.50 cm

7 units = 1.75 cm

8 units = 2 meters

All cut from the bolt in a continuous piece

 Batik fabrics are a handmade product. Mistakes and colour variations are part of the handmade experience. If you are planning a project it is recommended that you purchase all of your fabric requirements at the same time. 

It is recommended that you test for colour fastness and you hand wash in cold water. 

11 x units in stock

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CAWBG 690 Black Grey Leaves Hazy
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  • CAWBG 690 Black Grey Leaves Hazy