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May 2024 Newsletter

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May 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to May at What an exciting month! 10% off all our quilt backings. This should help you get your quilts finished. I still have quite a collection of quilts patiently waiting to be finished.

We have signed up for Pattern Pooles latest BOM and this starts May 1st. Using Pink to Red fabrics, we will be posting about our blocks on FB and Instagram.

Our FB page is Batik Fabrics Online, and IG is batikfabrics_ruth if you have missed us so far.

2 of the pink fabrics being used for the blocks. 

I have sent off the first bag of offcuts in our Chrissy’s Bundles Program.  It was gratefully received by a lady who is taking Verzenio ( abemaciclib)  now available on the PBS from May 1st. Let me know if you know of any recipients who might be worthy and welcoming of some small pieces for hand stitching and I will consider them as a recipient.

I am also off to Amby in South Western Qld for a pop up shop at a Cancer Fund Raiser at Springhill Country Craft Retreat on May 18th. Be sure to mark this on your calendar. Ever considered a sewing retreat on a sheep farm? Amby is between Roma and Mitchell in Western Qld if you haven’t heard of it.


Please contact me at if you need to, with issues around products.

Send me photos of your quilts so I can feature them in my next newsletter.  Happy sewing! Once again, thank you all!

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